nothing seems to be broken

(1) Slice of Bee-Sting
(1) Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Salad
(3) Hamburgers
(1) Slice of Chocolate Cheese Cake
(2) 2.1 oz Bags of Gummi Bears
(5) Cups of Coffee
(1) Root beer
(1) Rum & Coke

and a glass of water.

I will never take you to the senior prom, though there is still a chance that your backbone will curve slight and fresh shower humid as you dust something fine and teal over your eyelids, as you wonderer why I am late.

There is always the first night in your bed, and me not caring if our clothing has been shagged as I look for scarlet leaf meal in your hair, and you park your tongue on your top lip and wish for there to be a GOD
And a red headed boy
Who was not so mean.