Pea Green Pistachio

Three times, then she flipped that egg, speaking a little curse to the sink.

Said the folk song queen to the baker boy: In the bathroom at a quarter of three.


They both touched palms as riffraff do.

The folk song queen
with two fingers
and a lengthy sigh,
junked her shirt to the floor.

It's nothing you've haven't ever seen.

After that,
they both felt they beat the deal.

And the baker boy
with his right hand paw
under her left hand breast
touched nothing
but a fly in the milk.

Said the baker to the folk song queen :
I feel something beneath that flesh
that grows darker
in a circle
of wheel.

Said the baker boy
to the folk star queen:
Something larger than crumbs.

That took her fiddle tongue far away.

She said:
no postcards hence
no talking voice
no more early up n'the morning.

Said the folk star queen
to the baker boy:
Tell me something that's not so real.

And he mumbled something
and buttoned his coat.

And he walked her home,
stepping water
running months
like they were at the track.