as I gnash my teeth and squint

Micro bangs curved in a down slope to your left arm, Magnetic Fields, Liz Phair, The Kinks, Cat Stevens, Helium and it comes close to 3:00 AM and the windows are still open. The limes slices are not replaced and accumulate in the tumblers. When I have to count with one eye as they clump at five, and good plans go a rye. Amores Perros somehow is forgotten and Gummo gives the retina exercise. Toes curl on feet under blankets in the dark, as I gnash my teeth and squint saying: No more, not even a little bit.

And the room goes to the dark, and it is quiet. I rest my head to your hip and close my eyes.

Trying to connect the dots of the past five years, and everyplace I have fallen asleep.